SHAUL BUSTAN – composer conductor multi-instrumentalist


Shaul Bustan, 33, composer, conductor and double bassist has been honored to work with several influential orchestras and ensembles throughout Israel, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the USA.


COMPOSITIONS (selection)


Sirokos - for Violin, Bass Clarinet and Double bass,
Dur.  apx. 40 min. (2013) (Download excerpt - Pdf)
Music Lab and drafts: Excerpt (mp3 - 5'46")
Violin: Neta Rudich, Bass Clarinet: Florian Bergmann,
Double bass: Shaul Bustan


Kaddish (Jewish prayer of mourning) - Symphony orchestra
The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
conducted by  Doron Salomon
Dur.  14 min. (2006)
Excerpt (mp3 - 42")

Songs for Ilil

Songs for Ilil - lyrics by Shaul Tchernichovsky (6 Songs)
Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, Soprano, Violin/Viola, and Cello, Meitar Ensemble conducted by  Guy Feder,
Soprano: Tehila Nini- Goldstein (2009)

1st song (mp3 - 3'22")

Excerpt from the 4th song (mp3 - 1'10")

River Songs

River Songs (4 Songs) - The river sings to the stone
lyrics by Leah Goldberg - for SATB Choir,The Jerusalem Music Academy  students conducted by Tomer Haseg (2006)

1st song (mp3 - 3'03")

Das lange Gedicht

Das lange Gedicht - for Mezzo-soprano, Oboe, string quartet and contrabass,
Dur.  apx 20 min. (2013) (Download excerpt - Pdf)
*work in progress


Werkplaats Spoorzone Delft (Netherlands)
Het spoor voorbij - for Singer and Wind ensemble (2015)

Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany) - EXODUS - for Choir and Contrabass. (2014)
Irrfahrt der Holocaust - überlebenden (Deutschlandradio Kultur vom 23. Mai 2014)

With Claudia Schwartz
I, Export - for Contrabass. (2013) Trailer (YouTube - 1'56")
To Die For - for Voice and Contrabass. (2012)

Avgar group (Israel)
King Bahram Gur and His Beautiful Maidservant - Original musical theatre based on a Persian folktale (2010)


Melodies for my nephews - the note F 

Melodies for my nephews - the note F<bt> 
Melodies for my nephews - 12 short pieces for Piano solo.
Dur. apx. 26 min. (2012 - Work in progress)
Natalia Pegarkova - Piano, Shiran Eliaserov - Choreographer and Dancer


CARAVANTASTIC- German-Dutch Youth Theatre Project
Das Letzte Kleinod (D) / PeerGrouP (NL) 2014

The Story of the Note G
Chamber Opera

The Story of the Note G<br>Chamber Opera
Sipuro Shel Ha’tav Sol (The Story of the Note G)
Chamber Opera - Hebrew lyrics: Shahar Gabay
Three sopranos, actor, mixed choir, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, guitar and strings. Dur. 80 min. (2008)

The Mandolin as a classical instrument
Mozart - Symphony No 40

The Mandolin as a classical instrument<br>Mozart - Symphony No 40
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No 40 in G minor, K 550 (Excerpt from the 1st Movement)
Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Double bass & arrangement: Shaul Bustan (2014)


The Jerusalem Music Centre

The Jerusalem Music Centre
Pictures from the private collection of God
Poems: Yaakov Barzilai Music: Aharon Harlap
Sharon Rostorf Zamir - soprano. Shir Shahal - oboe
conducted by Shaul Bustan
Broadcast live on The Voice of Music
2010, Jerusalem Music Center - Israel

the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft

the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft
Shaul Bustan conducts the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft
Singer: Jeroen Manders
Het spoor voorbij - Werkplaats Spoorzone Delft
Netherlands, February 2015

Hinterhof49 vocal ensemble

Hinterhof49 vocal ensemble
Shaul Bustan conducts his vocal ensemble Hinterhof49
Hinterhof49 - the 'cafeimpuls' Vocal Ensemble
Open rehearsal (Berlin - Pankow) June 2016


With Samweli Mandoo

With Samweli Mandoo
Music, text, voice, zeze and kalimba: Samweli Mandoo
Double bass, producer and recording engineer: Shaul Bustan
Live recorded at the ‘Ozeanblaue Zug’ (, 2015

Rotem Ensemble

Rotem Ensemble
Rotem Ensemble - Shaul Bustan (double bass), Avner Geiger (Flute) and Tom Dayan (percussion)

OSTWIND - Improvisation

OSTWIND - Improvisation
Shaul Bustan - double bass, Nitai Levi - bass clarinet
St. Peter Church Berlin, 2013


Concerto for Mandolin and Accordion

Concerto for Mandolin and Accordion
Shaul Bustan - Concerto for Mandolin and Accordion
for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, String quartet, Double bass, Mandolin and Accordion. 4 Movements - Dur. 35 min. (2010)
Broadcast live on The Voice of Music Radio 2010, Jerusalem Music Center - Israel

Tahadia ("Restfulness")

Tahadia (
Adir Levi - Tahadia ("Restfulness") - 2010
The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
Conductor: Doron Salomon


Persian concert 2010

Persian concert 2010
With Liraz Charhi - Voice, Shaul Bustan - Arrangement and Tar
Played by Avgar Group
Bet Avi Chai - Jerusalem - Israel 2010

Seven pictures (Short film)

Seven pictures (Short film)
Seven pictures (Short film)
A short film by: Dror Verber and Nimrod Sonders
Musik, Oud, Klavier und Kontrabass: Shaul Bustan
Electronics: Israel Gliksberg