SHAUL BUSTAN – composer conductor multi-instrumentalist


Shaul Bustan (double bass, oud and percussion)
Liron Yariv (cello)
Héloïse Lefebvre (violin)

The music of the trio itself comes from the compositions of Shaul Bustan - a unique mixture of Israeli music with European sounds and music from the desert, inspired by his own musical family history.

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Shaul Bustan, 34, composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist has been honored to work with several influential orchestras and ensembles throughout Israel, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the USA.


October 2017

4 October at 8 pm - Kunstfabrik Schlot, Invalidenstraße 117 10115 Berlin, Germany
Herbst - Jazz orchestra and Oud solo with Composers' Orchestra Berlin

6 October at 8 pm - Cafeimpuls, Breite Str. 49,13187 Berlin, Germany
Reading "Meschugge are we both" with the actress Claudia Schwartz and Shaul Bustan Trio

November 2017

9 November 2017 at 7:00 pm Stadtbibliothek Stendal
Reading - The diaries of the Etty Hillesum A reading with the actress Claudia Schwartz

14 November 2017 in the Jewish Community of Braunschweig
Rotem Ensemble

28 November at 7:30 pm - Atelier Zaat, Neuenbürg, Germany
Reading "Meschugge are we both" with the actress Claudia Schwartz and Shaul Bustan


COMPOSITIONS (selection)


Sirokos - for Violin, Bass Clarinet and Double bass,
Dur.  apx. 40 min. (2013) (Download excerpt - Pdf)
Music Lab and drafts: Excerpt (mp3 - 5'46")
Violin: Neta Rudich, Bass Clarinet: Florian Bergmann,
Double bass: Shaul Bustan


Kaddish (Jewish prayer of mourning) - Symphony orchestra
The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
conducted by  Doron Salomon
Dur.  14 min. (2006)
Excerpt (mp3 - 42")

Songs for Ilil

Songs for Ilil - lyrics by Shaul Tchernichovsky (6 Songs)
Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, Soprano, Violin/Viola, and Cello, Meitar Ensemble conducted by  Guy Feder,
Soprano: Tehila Nini- Goldstein (2009)

1st song (mp3 - 3'22")

Excerpt from the 4th song (mp3 - 1'10")

River Songs

River Songs (4 Songs) - The river sings to the stone
lyrics by Leah Goldberg - for SATB Choir,The Jerusalem Music Academy  students conducted by Tomer Haseg (2006)

1st song (mp3 - 3'03")

Das lange Gedicht

Das lange Gedicht - for Mezzo-soprano, Oboe, string quartet and contrabass,
Dur.  apx 20 min. (2013) (Download excerpt - Pdf)
*work in progress


Werkplaats Spoorzone Delft (Netherlands)
Het spoor voorbij - for Singer and Wind ensemble (2015)

Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany) - EXODUS - for Choir and Contrabass. (2014)
Irrfahrt der Holocaust - überlebenden (Deutschlandradio Kultur vom 23. Mai 2014)

With Claudia Schwartz
I, Export - for Contrabass. (2013) Trailer (YouTube - 1'56")
To Die For - for Voice and Contrabass. (2012)

Avgar group (Israel)
King Bahram Gur and His Beautiful Maidservant - Original musical theatre based on a Persian folktale (2010)







KISIWA CHA AMANI TANZANIA by Samweli Mandoo and Shaul Bustan (2015)
GOETZEN​/​LIEMBA by Das Letzte Kleinod (2015)
OSTWIND by Shaul Bustan and Nitai Levi (2014)
The Boy's Song to the River (2007)